Cridhe Crois-Shlighe :: Sùil an Cruthaidheach

colourful image of various kinds of seaweed in shallow water

Sùil an Cruthaidheach (which means 'Eye of Creation', or a kind of bog) is a collaborative project by Fiona MacIsaac and Neil Davidson combining arts outreach activities with digital skills. We will run drop in sessions in various locations that are about learning how to run projects, organise creative processes and share skills. This is a tailor made access point for young people to develop confidence and skills through creativity and digital technologies. Skills on offer:

Drawing, video art, set design, film making, sound design, photography, digital photography, darkroom practice, collage, composition, improvisation, collaborative practice, music production, electronic music, audio recording techniques, project management, web design, coding, game design, print making, photoshop, video editing, web editing, creative writing, drawing, painting, graphic design, sculpture, performance art and theatre.
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